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Headquartered in Great Britain, A-Cask is a leading manufacturer and supplier of beer and ale-related equipment for the restaurant and bar industry. Now also operating in the United States, our mission is to provide a complete range of products that help manage kegs and casks at both permanent and temporary locations, ranging from bars and restaurants to festivals and catering events.

In the UK, we are the preferred supplier to many major brewers, wholesalers, pubs and technical service companies. We have designed and developed many products to help licensees manage their cellars and serve quality beer, these include:

  • Cask Taps
  • Auto tilts
  • Cellar Racking
  • Beer Festival Equipment
  • Filtering Equipment
  • Cellar Organizers
  • Cooling Jackets for both cask and keg

We have tailored our US product offerings to ensure we deliver the highest quality, UK-manufactured products and accessories to fit the needs of our customers. Our experienced sales and technical advisors are always available to give friendly advice to suit your individual requirements, including site visits, if appropriate.

We look forward to working with you to ensure you deliver your beer and ale products with the highest quality equipment in the industry.